Forme Making

Our speciality. However simple or complex your requirements, we offer a full cutting forme design and manufacture service, including laser and engraved dies. Furthermore, we cut the job for you, ensuring end to… Read more

Cutting, creasing and scoring

We handle all types of precision cuts, creases, scores, and perforations across a wide variety of media.

Our deft touch also provides half cutting and scoring. We can handle up to 900x1260mm automatically,… Read more

Automatic taping

Some things are simply faster and more efficient when left to machines, and so it is with the application of tape.

With up to three lines of double sided tape applied in a… Read more


You won’t find a gong given for mounting at any of the big award nights, but it’s a service we take seriously – which requires attention to detail.

We handle up to 760… Read more


We’d be stuck without our gluing machines. With them, however, we can glue folders, both flat and gusseted, as well as straight line, double wall, 4 and 6 CornerĀ and crash bottom cartons.

A… Read more


With our large, high precision guillotine and large working areas we are able to cut and trim paper to almost any size you need.

Cutting over 500 pages at once with high accuracy,… Read more


Prepak is our range of ready-made packaging options to service a wide variety of requirements.

Available in plain and corrugated, our prepak boxes are an immediate and inexpensive way to solve everyday packaging… Read more